A Mind for Business

A book about how people work

A Mind for Business is Mindapples’ practical guide to making the most of your mind at work. Based on our popular workplace training programmes, it’s an illustrated guide to the psychology of healthy, sustainable performance, to help you work smarter, thrive under pressure, make better decisions, boost your creativity and take your career to a new level.

What people say

“If enough managers read this highly readable and very useful book we might just increase national productivity and make our work a whole lot more enjoyable and fulfilling too.”
Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, The RSA

“Insightful, entertaining and accessible. Something I can see myself coming back to many times over my career to help me, my colleagues and my team get the best out of themselves”
Roger Edmonds, Senior Marketing Manager, PepsiCo

“Essential for anyone who runs an organisation and cares about their staff.”
Tony Cohen, Chair of Trustees, Barnardo’s, and former CEO, FremantleMedia.

“An MOT and tune-up for your mind, in and out of business, that will help you stay on track”
Paul Birch, angel investor and Founder @ Makeshift

“Essential reading for companies who want staff to flourish.”
John Attley BA, BSc, MICRS, Engagement Manager, NHBC

“This book demonstrates the value of taking care of your mind and mental wellbeing on a day-to-day basis, offering practical tips and advice to help you think smarter and live better.”
Patrick Watt, Corporate Director, Bupa

Andy Gibson launches A Mind for Business at the RSA

Based on our cutting edge training programme…

A Mind for Business is based on the Mindapples training programmes developed with some of the biggest names in global business and based on the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology. We help businesses work smarter and support their staff.

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