Mindapples at the Secret Garden Party 2014

Wow. What a party. The Secret Garden Party never fails to deliver. The Mindapples team had great fun cavorting around the fairy tale-esque back drop of Huntingdon. We had our Head Gardener, Andy Gibson, dressing up as a fawn (just like Mr Tumnus in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) and our digital advisor and all round ‘Bad Apple’, Daniel Kolodziej, sporting a rather *ahem* ‘fetching’ pony tail..

But, more importantly the team was able to spread the good word that mental health is a subject that should be openly talked about, whatever the setting. We were lucky enough to ‘plant’ three Mindapples trees across the Secret Garden Party, where our team asked people “What’s the 5-a-day for your mind?”. Much like we look after our bodies by exercising or having 5-a-day of fruit and veg, we ask people to consider and share what they do to look after their mind by jotting them down on our Mindapples cards and hanging them on our tree – as ever the Mindapples tree’s attracted a great deal of attention with 100s of people sharing their 5-a-day!

20140726_171342Secret Garden Party 2014 was also the first stage of our plans for promoting the new Mindapples app, Moodbug. Moodbug is a free app for Apple iOS that allows users to safely share their mood and how they really feel about life’s ups and downs with their close friends, family and even work colleagues. After all, isn’t it easier to look out for one another and effectively communicate if we have an idea of how people are REALLY feeling at any given time? Already, Moodbug has been a success for Mindapples, as we were able to get to the finals for the 2014 App Design Awards, with one of our happy users saying, “I’ve been using Moodbug for a couple of weeks now and I really love it. It’s a simple and friendly way to share and track your moods. I love that it lets you map your moods over time and my favourite part is the lovely little gifts you can give and receive to help a friend who’s feeling bad or celebrate with someone who is feeling good. Moodbug makes me happy. And it’s pretty too”

In order to raise awareness of the significant benefits of understanding how moods work and how important it can be to understand how those who matter to us are feeling, we asked the good folk at the Secret Garden Party to send in a text telling us how they actually feel about the Secret Garden Party. Our personal favourite being, “Like a fairy sparkling and buzzing in the pink frothy tutu of life!”

Once people had texted in, we then randomly selected 3 winners who would win, wait for it.. a haul of ‘Mind Cider!’. Below we can see Bad Apple, Daniel Kolodziej, helping one of the event attendees to pick one of our lucky winners. Thank heavens we cant see his pony tail! :-)

20140727_131816After having such a fun and successful Secret Garden Party, we want to continue spreading the word about positive mental health and also hopefully get even more happy users on our new app, Moodbug. So, please visit the Moodbug website, www.moodbug.me, and even better still, download it and start sharing how you REALLY feel with those that matter to you, today!

Download Moodbug here

Mindapples trees sprouting for University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

Today is University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day and students all over the country are putting on all sorts of events aimed at promoting the mental health of people in Higher Education.

Mindapples is delighted to be supporting the day again and helping to raise awareness of this really important cause.

A number of universities have bought applecards and mindapple trees from our DIY shop, and are using them to ask students to share five things they do to look after their minds.

Winchester SU 2014 (via @katyloveless)

A recent British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy survey of university counsellors suggests that over the last three years the number of students seeking counselling has increased by 16%.

With the increasing pressure on students from higher fees and job market competition, together with the challenges of going through considerable life transition, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness of where students can go for help, and what they can do themselves to look after their minds.

That’s why we hope lots of students – and anybody else who would like to join in – will take a moment today to think about the 5-a-day for their minds. What we do affects how we feel and the more aware we are of that, the more intentional we can be about taking care of our minds. Small steps in taking care of ourselves really do add up.

Department of Social Policy and Social Work, The University of York (via @spsw)

You can find out more about what’s happening around the country for University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day from our friends at Student Minds.

If you’re on a campus, please do join in with any events going on there. If you’re near a mindapple tree, grab an applecard and share your 5-a-day – or make your own apple if you have to!

Take a picture of your applecard and send it to us!


For more information on how you can purchase mindapples trees and toolkits to run your own mental wellbeing events in your community, visit www.mindapples.org/shop.


Love your mind this World Mental Health Day

Love Your Mind with Mindapples on World Mental Health Day 2013This coming Thursday 10th October is World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day is often a time when people focus on raising awareness of mental illness. Mental illness in all its forms still causes huge suffering to individuals and families, and yet it receives only a fraction of the medical research investment of other more socially-acceptable issues, and a tiny proportion of spending on healthcare services despite costing the country around £105bn a year. Mindapples supports greater investment in the research and treatment of mental illness, and we would encourage every single one of you to do so too.

However, we have never been an organisation focussed on mental illness. Our goal, as it has been since 2008, is to promote the positive side of mental health, to help people understand and take care of their minds, get the most from themselves and promote good mental health and wellbeing throughout society.

So this year at Mindapples, we are spreading the message Love Your Mind on World Mental Health Day, to promote positive mental health. We rely on our minds for everything we do, and we can all do something to take care of them. So please help us spread the word, and Love Your Mind.

If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, we would love your support for our Thunderclap campaign. We need 100 people to sign up for a mass social media message to be sent out at noon on October 10th, World Mental Health Day, with the message “Love Your Mind”. We’ll also be posting some lovely images on Thursday on the Mindapples Facebook page for you to share.

If you don’t like social media, remember you can still tell people about World Mental Health Day the ol’ fashioned way by starting positive conversations about mental health with the people around you. Talking to each other is good for our minds!

So please help us reach our target, put this issue a little more on the map, and maybe have some fun in the process.

Happy World Mental Health Day to you for Thursday, and here’s wishing good mental health to all of you, whatever that looks like for you.

Posted by Andy

Make Time For Your Mind

This is a guest blogpost by John James Morris who took part in the Team v campaign “Make Time For Your Mind”.

During my first campaign, raising awareness of youth homelessness with Team v, I spent three nights sleeping rough in Stoke-On-Trent. It was one of the most difficult things that I have ever done but the phenomenal response made it worthwhile. So when I say that the second campaign, Make Time for Your Mind, pushed me even further (but was infinitely more successful) I hope you can understand what that means.

Michael's tree

Because of the first campaign’s success I had over 30 eager volunteers and so, wanting to utilise them – and not being one to do things in moderation, I decided to think outside the box. It wasn’t long before Feelgood February was born. The idea was to run a month of activities, at Keele University, to get people to try new things and think about their minds.

Team v Keele succesfully ran events such as: free pancakes, an international food stall, arts & crafts, happiness packs; filled with balloons, sweets and activities, a hockey taster session, feel good valentine’s day cards, a Mindapples tree and more.

Obviously the free stuff went down a treat but what surprised me was how well the Mindapples cards were received. I loved them but was dubious as to how the general public (students) would feel. I tested them during my first volunteer meeting, using them as an icebreaker. My volunteers their simplicity and how they engendered conversation about our minds. It wasn’t long before I had used all the cards.

In 28 days we had filled out 200 Mindapples cards, made and given out 350 pancakes, 500 happiness packs and 650 Valentine’s Day cards. Okay it might not be as mentally challenging as going homeless but it was intense; we planned, prepared and ran 4/5 events a week.

Feelgood February was hard but I don’t regret one second. I remember towards the end one of my volunteers told me how grateful he was to be involved. He said that mental health was such an important issue he was glad there were people addressing it. His words were echoed by students and staff throughout the campaign. Messages filled Twitter and Facebook during our events, especially when we distributed Valentine’s Day cards with handwritten inspirational quotes, funny lines or feel good messages in. Such was the success of Feelgood February that I intend, and have started planning, to rerun it in 2014.


But I was not the only one campaigning. 80 leaders across the country were putting their own spin on Make Time for Your Mind. At the end of the eight week campaign Team v leaders had spoken to over 3,500 people (over 1,000 on my campaign alone) of which almost 3,000 said they’d do more to look after their minds.

“Make Time for Your mind was an incredible way to break through the stigma and talk about an important issue,” says Beth Whitaker, a 2012/13 Team v leader, “Mindapples have a wonderful way of tackling mental health by making people realise how little we do for our minds. We [Team v] campaigned across the country in a way that was fun and engaging. It was definitely my favourite campaign.” I couldn’t agree more.

Team v is a youth leadership program for 18-25 year olds. It gave us the opportunity to run three campaigns. We were given a budget, had to recruit volunteers, get organisations involved, and organise events. The new crop of leaders are currently recruiting volunteers – find out more and get involved here: www.vinspired.com/teamv

By John James Morris


Mindapples presents… Meet Your Mind

You rely on your mind for everything you do, but how much do you know about how it works, or how to use it? brain3

Join us for our upcoming event, part of the Mindapples’ Your Mind: A User’s Guide series, to learn about how your mind works and how to get the most from it.

Presented by Mindapples’ Head Gardener Andy Gibson, it will be taking place on Wednesday 25th of September at London Bridge.

Featuring interactive exercises exploring how we think, how to take care of our minds and how we influence each other, this is a fun introduction to mental wellbeing and using your mind effectively in life and work.

The evening will be hosted by the Chair of Mindapples, David Gold, and will be followed by an informal drinks reception and a chance to learn more about Mindapples and mental wellbeing.

We hope you can make it!

Eventbrite - Meet Your Mind

Mindapples festival round up

With another autumn approaching, we wanted to show you what we’ve been up to over the summer. This was Mindapples’ 4th festival campaign and we took the Mindapples tree to Latitude Festival, Secret Garden Party and Wilderness, harvesting a grand total of 1744 applecards.

Festival mindapples 

At Latitude we hosted a range of workshops to help feed those festival minds. We had very popular morning yoga sessions, letter writing with the fantastic Letter Lounge and seminars from the Your Mind: A User’s Guide programme on how to master your moods and handle pressure effectively.

Latitude logo

At Secret Garden Party and Wilderness Mindapples joined the Now Festival, a new arts experience celebrating mindfulness and living in the present. Now Festival featured talks from Mindapples’ Head Gardener Andy Gibson on how we can all take better care of our minds.

Now Festival

With another great summer success, we’d like to thank all our wonderful volunteers for helping out, festival organisers for having us and all of you for sharing your mindapples.


The Elephant and the Rider

This summer we are delighted to tell you that one of our talented gardeners, Johanna De Mornay Davies, has written and illustrated a beautiful short story ‘The Elephant and The Rider’ to help spread the Mindapples word.

The Elephant and the Rider

The book tells the tale of an Elephant named Mynde and his journey with his rider Yew through the land of Hed. It touches on the importance of taking care of our minds, based on the Elephant and The Rider metaphor introduced by Jonathan Haidt in The Happiness Hypothesis. Featuring somersaulting monkeys and hula hooping flamingoes, it is sure to put any mind at rest.

The Elephant and the Rider is now available from the Mindapples shop along with our brand new “Love Your Mind” t-shirts designed by Owen Tozer.